O mela


We are focused on testing oure emploers, that why we have only qualified developers in our ranks

O mela

Standard recruitment is outdated. That's why we have create our own system for checking and evaluating candidates. 

Now you can spend less time screening and get more time implementation. 

Just think.


Involvement in our community is obtained only after technical assessments, recommendations and reviews of professionalism with feedback from colleagues.

Work With Us

You can attract additional resources or exchange employees, depending on the needs of your project. We process contracts and issue invoices.

After studying the ratings of our candidates, we will organize video interviews with those that suit you best.


Talk With Us


How long do you need the developer?
What skills are needed?

The first step is a comprehensive assessment of English and communication in general


You can assess personal qualities and communicate with developers who are fully involved in their work.

Skill testing

In a rating system that suits you, you can test the technical knowledge and skills of each candidate

Omela conducts the interview and check all of our candidates, and works only with those who are experts in their field


Overall assessment of the results

Collaborations With Leading Brains

Omela  will provide you best developer's for your needs.






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